Compare your ECC6 to S4/HANA

S4/HANA Upgrade Assessment Analyzer

Comparison & Facts Without Workshops in One Day


Automated Migration Assessment     tool that provides a comparison between your ECC6 system and the S/4HANA system. The app is now on SAP Cloud Platform and runs the process in less than a day. 

Features and Benefits


70% Reduction in Time to Value

Cost-effective West Trax automated migration assessment methodology can typically save an SAP customer up to 70% of time & money spent in months of Face-to-Face workshops. .

Watch the Demo


Assessment Analyzer Demo

Comparing an ECC6 to S4/HANA.      Watch the West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer tool Video.  See how easy it is to navigate and provide comparisons in a single application.

Measure the Maturity Level of your SAP systems


The West Trax KPI Analyzer® is aimed at all companies planning to prepare their SAP landscape for the S/4HANA upgrade migration. It provides an objective determination of the ''As-Is'' situation and clear client actions to be taken to achieve the desired goals and benefits.

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For more information and special pricing, please fill in the details below and a representative will follow up with you shortly! 

About West Trax


West Trax is an international independent analyst specializing in the objective analysis of SAP® system usage. Reliable facts are established as a secure basis for successful project planning and implementation by combining an automated and structured analysis of systems with the client company's specific goals. 

Multiple Plans


Pricing above 250 users per system is on a quotation basis.  Contains all modules with drill down to all locations per system. In the message box below; send us your number of users and number of systems. 

Pricing Options


Pricing for < 250 users for 1 SAP System for 12 months

$11,000 / month for 12 months includes 10 users

S4/HANA Upgrade Assessment Analyzer s/4 hana

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